Work examples

Over the last few years, we have had the priviledge to collaborate with a range of multimedia talents as well as studios who helped us delivered these digital solutions with great results. We participated in high profile festivals and events such as Ars Electronica and Media Art Globale. We will have more work examples to show you as we grow our business. In the mean time, please do not hesitate to talk to us about your digital needs.

Quantum Land 2020

A virtual tour organised by Media Art Globale showcasing artworks online. Artists are grouped into realms - which is a virtual gallery that visitors can explore from multiple devices. 

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Prisma Garden

Prisma Garden, representing Indonesia took part in the annual international festival by Ars Electronica - Keplers Garden 2020. A virtual garden where artists showcased their work virtually, including a social room utilising Mozilla Hub for visitors to engage with the artists.

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3D Modelling and 360 Virtual tour products are incresingly popular for companies to present their business, products and services to a wide range of audience in the pandemic era where travel is restricted and online channels are flourishing.

The applications of 3D and 360 Virtual tour products are limitless. We can see that these products will be used in daily life more now including for example, for learning, upskilling, tourism and hospitality products and events like wedding, school productions, concerts and exhibitions.